Call for Open Panels

The Call for Open Panels for EASST-4S 2024 in Amsterdam closed on 30 October (23:59 CEST). The call brought in 405 panel proposals. The Program Committee is now reviewing the submissions. We were aiming to post the panel decisions on the conference website by Thursday 23 November. However, due to the large number of panel proposals the review period might be extended and the Call for Abstracts opening date postponed (currently planned for 27 November). Such changes will be announced via email to EASST and 4S members and posted on the conference website.

Open Panel topics, once accepted by the Program Committee, will be included in the general Call for Abstracts (27 November to 12 February). At that time, authors may propose their papers or other types of contributions to one or more panels. 

After the Call for Abstracts ends, each panel’s convenors will decide which proposals to accept within their panel (12-26 February).

Open Panels can extend across a maximum of four 90-minute sessions, containing from three to twenty papers/contributions (panels with fewer than three papers will be cancelled).

During the Call for Abstracts, 27 November – 12 February, we welcome contributions to Traditional Open Panels and Combined Format Open Panels, as well as Making & Doing contributions, and stand-alone Workshops, Roundtables, and Meet-Ups.

If you have queries, please email the local organising team via conference(at)

Participation and convenor guidance

To maximise participation across the conference, the program committee will follow these guidelines in reviewing panel and paper submission:

  • An individual may have each conference role only once during the conference:
    • convene a Traditional Open Panel OR a Workshop OR a Roundtable OR a Combined Format Open Panel once;
    • present once in a Traditional Open Panel OR a Workshop OR a Roundtable OR a Combined Format Open Panel;
    • present one contribution to the STS Making & Doing program;
    • be a discussant once (either as a Roundtable participant or a discussant in a Workshop or a Traditional Open Panel or a Combined Format Open Panel) OR be a chair once (in any of the formats).
  • Please note that if a convenor decides to present in their own panel, regardless of the format, that counts as fulfilling the presenter role (as well as their convening role). These presentations must be included in the panel as panel submissions.
  • It is assumed a convenor will chair their own panel/combined format panel – unless they name someone else in that role – but this is not counted as chairing once. It is part of the convening role.
  • It is allowed to be a co-author on additional papers if you are not the one presenting them.
  • Open Panel convenors will decide on the selection of papers/contributions within their panel. However the Program Committee remains the overall arbiter of the programme and reserves the right to make changes if deemed necessary.
  • While adherence to the conference theme is not the main criteria for panel selection, EASST and 4S encourage conveners (those proposing/organising a panel) to explore if there is a meaningful connection between their panel and the ideas outlined in the theme description.

Conference format and times

The EASST-4S 2024 Amsterdam conference will be a face-to-face (f2f) event with a programme running for four full days, 16-19 July 2024 at the Athena Institute at VU Amsterdam. Plenary sessions will be streamed; other virtual participation will not be facilitated. The panel sessions will start early in the morning on the 16th, and run until the late afternoon of the 19th.