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Volunteering at EASST-4S 2024 Amsterdam

We are looking for volunteers to help organise this year’s largest and most international conference with an STS focus – EASST-4S 2024 in Amsterdam. All volunteers with an interest in attending some panel sessions at the conference will have the opportunity to do so.

Whether on the registration desk, advising on basic presentation technology issues or giving people directions, volunteers will play a vital role in ensuring that the 3800 or so delegates are welcomed to the conference and shown the best of the university, Amsterdam, EASST and 4S.

The conference is being organised by NomadIT, a team of free-lance event organisers, who will be managing the volunteer team. Volunteers will be needed throughout the conference – we are therefore looking for people who are able to help in shifts on all 4 days, 16-19 July.

The volunteer tasks will include:

  • rotating shifts at the reception desk (usually a 3-3.5 hour shift)
  • looking after the presentation AV of panels (very basic care that entails transferring files to the presentation computer from USB sticks, making sure the beamer has been switched on, or that the speakers are working etc);
  • ushering and guiding at the beginning and end of events and breaks.
  • operating the roving mics during plenary Q&A sessions, running errands, helping with the Book Exhibit.

On Monday, 15 July we will train all volunteers on using the tablets for reception, managing the AV in panel rooms, knowing the way around conference information such as the timetable, venue etc. The training usually takes about 2.5 hours and will start around 11 in the morning.

In return for your help at the conference, you will have full access to all the sessions (when not working) you’ll be provided with tea/coffee and lunch, and receive an exclusive souvenir conference t-shirt.

 Volunteering will not only give you access to some very interesting presentations/discussions, but working as a part of a conference organising team is good work experience  – and quite good fun!

If you are interested and available to work as part of the team on this event, please get acquainted with the conference and the associations via the links provided above.

Once Early Bird registration has opened and the panel timetable created, we will send you a link  to gather your data and preferences. 

Among other things, the form will ask which events, plenaries and panels you are keen to attend. Based on your preferences, we will then compose a rota that takes into account your interests and commitments (if you are an active participant/presenter) as best as possible. However, please bear in mind that the event is large and complex, and not all wishes can be met.

We look forward to working with you!
NomadIT and the conference organising committee